Our company uses the newest European skincare products and instruments tailored for the customers' personal needs. All pricing have no additional fees and all required skincare products are included in the base price.

Single Section Treatment

  • Eyebrow Trimming
  • Eyebrow Design
  • Eyebrow Electric Therapy
  • Ancient Lip Hair Line-Pulling
  • Ancient Facial Hair Line-Pulling
  • 3D Eyebrow Electric Therapy
  • 3D Eyebrow Design

Facial Care

  • Basic Facial Care
    [Suitable For Normal Skin Texture / Function: Cleaning]
  • French "Tofu" Skin Whitening Treatment
    [Function: Whitening]
  • French Collagen Treatment
    [Function: Moisturizing]
  • French Natura l Bouncy Plastic Membrane Treatment
    (Function: Whitening / Allergy Improvement / Acne Solution)
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI Water Relaxational Treatment
    (Function: Allergy Resistance / Moisturizing)
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI Grape Polyphenols Anti-Oxidising Moisturization
    [Function: Anti-Oxidising / Moisturizing / Anti-Aging]
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI 100% Pure Collagen Moisturization
    [Function: Bounciness Improvement / Smoothening / Moisturizing]
  • Italian VAGHEGGI Aroma Mixed Herbal Essence Oil Treatment
  • A: Moisturization - Suitable For Skin Relaxation
    (Function: Moisturizing / Water Locking)
  • B: Pressure Resistance And Allergy Reduction - Suitable For Fragile Skin
    (Function: Improval of Cell Resistance / Steadfast Allergy Reduction / Massage / Relaxation)
  • C: Ance Solution - Suitable For Oily And Unclean Skin
    (Function: Grease Reduction / Anti-Inflammatory)
  • D. Pores Closing And Whitening - Suitable For Oily Skin
    (Function: Grease Reduction / Anti-Inflammatory / Blackhead and Whitehead Prevention)
  • Cold Light + French Natura l Facial Care
    [Function: Whitening / Anti-Aging / Allergy Improvement / Ance Solution]
  • Cold Light + BRUNOVASSARI Royal Jelly Anti-Allergy Moisturization
    [Function: Sedation / Moisturizing / Repairing / Anti-Allergy]

Facial Care Set

  • French BRUNOVASSARI Cell Maintenance Set
    [Function: Moisturizing / Immune System Improvement / Anti-Aging]
  • French BRUNOVASSARI Water Skin Refreshment Set
  • [Function: Moisturizing / Wrinkle Prevention]
  • French BRUNOVASSARI Spot Removal And Whitening Treatment Set
    [Function: Free Radical Resistance / Melanin Resistance / Moisturizing]
  • French BRUNOVASSARI Purifying Scar Removal Set
    [Function: Balancing Oil Emission /Pores Shrinking]
  • French BRUNOVASSARI Wrinkle Removal And Revival Treatment Set
    [Function: Wrinkle Removal / Cell Rebirth / Bounciness Improvement]
  • Swiss MOC Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Set
    [Function: Bounciness Improvement / Smoothening / ]
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI Living Water Skin Repair Kit
    [Function: Increase of Skin Water Storing Function / Reduction of Water Loss / Maintence of Water and Oil Balance]
  • Swiss MOC Ocean Ice Extreme Repair Kit
    [Function: Itching Reduction / Anti-inflammatory / Smoothening / Wound Closing]
  • Swiss ANKEL MARNI Extreme Delicate Water Locking Treatment
    Suitable for Neutral, Dry and Dull Skin
    [Function : Hydrating, Dry Pattern Smootening, Anti-Aging]
  • Swiss ANKEL MARNI Black Caviar Whitening And Rebirth Set
    [Function: Aging Resistance / Improvement of Skin Quality / Wrinkle Reduction / Moisturizing / Skin Bounciness Restoration]
  • Swiss ANKEL MARNI Organic Rose Anti-Oxidation Aquatic Set
    [Function: Anti-Oxidation Reinforcement / Hydration Improvement]
  • Swiss MAVANCE Anti-Allergy Skincare Set
  • Swiss MAVANCE Water Level Emergency Treatment Set
  • Active Vitamin C Bundle
  • Swiss Concentrated Collagen Treatment
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI Hyaluronic Acid Aquatic Set
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI Facial Care Treatment Set
  • [Function:Anti-Allergy / Moisturizing / Whitening]
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI All-Function Skincare Essence Treatment
    [Function: Improvement of Dull Skin/ Anti-Oxidation / Whitening]
  • maVANCE Four-Layer Hyaluronic Acid Treatment
    [Function:Hydration / Water Locking / Restoration]
  • Swiss Probiotics Defensive Maintence Set
    [Function:Hydration、Skin Resistance Improvement]
  • Swiss Mixed Treatment
    [Function:Skin Tightening、Melanin Reduction]
  • Melanin Reduction / Whitening / Stain Reduction

Facial Instrumental Treatment

  • Australian Shining Diamond IDP Treatment
    [Function: Mark Removal / Flattening]
  • Pulse Optical Cold Light Treatment
    [Function: Allergy Resistance / Ance Removal / Whitening]
  • Australian Shining Diamond Skin Grinding Cold Light Treatment
    [Function: Mark Removal / Flattening / Tighening / Whitening]
  • Italian Smart Optic Dual-Pistols IPL Instrument
    [Function: Smoothening / Whitening / Mark Removal / Moisturizing / Bounciness Improvement / Tighening / Scar Removal / Face Trimming / Pores Shrinking]
  • Korean Cold And Hot Electric True Skin Channeling Instructment [Function: Swell Reduction / Painkilling / Allergy Reduction / Tightening / Pores Shrinking]
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI Super Energy Time-Travelling Thermal Ion Channeling Instrument
  • Italian SENSOR Ion 離子 Resonance Bipolar Instrument (Improved Version)
    [Function: Bounciness Improvement、Pores Shrinknig、Tightening、Swell Reduction]
  • Swiss Ardour Living Skin Professional Facial Instrument
    [Function: Dull Skin Improvement / Swelling Reduction / Wrinkle Reduction / Hydration)

Essential Care

  • Japanese Uterus Extract
  • G2.Sea Fennel Stem Cell Essence