Slim and Body Hair Removal

Our company uses advanced European slimming instruments tailored for our customers' needs. Moreover, we have body hair removal service and all of our pricing have no additional fees. All required skincare products are included in the base price.

Slimming & Tightening Treatment

  • Korean RF Thermal Radio Frequency Fat-Burning Instrument
    [Function: Blood and Lymph Flow Increase / Metabolism Improvement and Skin Loosening / Swell Removal / Poisonous Matter Removal]
  • Italian Ion Resonance Hot and Cold Bipolar Instrument
    [Function: Skin Tightening and Swell Removal / Bounciness Improvement / Pores Tightening]
  • Computer-Sculpted Smimming Instrument
    [Function: Slimming]
  • Italian SENSOL 3D Fat-Dissolving Instrument (Including Concentrated SENSOL Caffeine Fat-Dissolving Essence)
    [Function: Sonic Wave Fat Dissolution]

Wav Body Hair Removal Treatment

  • Arm Treatment
  • Half-Arm Treatment
  • Leg Treatment
  • Bikini Treatment