Eyes And Neck

Our company uses the newest European skincare products and instruments tailored for the customers' personal needs. All pricing have no additional fees and all required skincare products are included in the base price.

Neck Treatment

  • Basic Neck Treatment
    [Function: Improvement of Blood Cycle]
  • Radio Frequency Neck Treatment
    [Function: Neck Patterns Reducion]
  • Swiss Ardour Living Skin Professional Beauty Instrument Neck Treatment
    [Function: Neck Patterns Reducion / Swell Reduction]
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI Super Energy Time-Travelling Neck Treatment
    [Function: Tightening / Neck Patterns Reduction]

Eye Treatment

  • Basic Eye Treatment [Function: Swell Improvement / Dark Circles Removal]
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI Eye Treatment
    [Function: Improvement of Tightness]
  • Spanish BRUNOVASSARI Super Energy Time-Travelling Eye Treatment
    [Function: Tightening / Reduction of Eye Patterns]
  • Swiss Ardour Living Skin Beauty Instrument Eye Treatment
    [Function: Improvement of Eye Patterns / Swelling]